Documenting undocumented python scripts using Python-OpenAI

Today, I will discuss another very impressive & innovative new AI, which is now operational in Python. We’ll document a dummy python code with no comment captured through OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. But before we start, don’t we see the demo first?


Great! Let us understand we can leverage this by writing a tiny snippet using this new AI model.


Let us understand the flow of events –

The above diagram represents the newly released OpenAI ChatGPT, where one needs to supply the code, which was missed to capture the logic earlier due to whatever may be the reasons. We need to provide these scripts (maybe in parts) as source code to be analyzed. Then it will use this new model & translate that into English-like language & capture the logic/comments for that specific snippet.

Python Packages:

Following are the python packages that are necessary to develop this brilliant use case –

pip install pandas
pip install openai

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