Publishing new Python Library for JSON & NoSQL

Hi Guys!

As discussed,

Please find the link of the PyPI package of new enhanced JSON library on Python. This is particularly very useful as I’ve accommodated the following features into it.

  1. distinct
  2. nvl
  3. partition_by
  4. regex_like
  5. regex_replace
  6. regex_substr

All these functions can be used over JSON payload through python. I’ll discuss this in details in my next blog post.

However, I would like to suggest this library that will be handy for NoSQL databases like Cosmos DB. Now, you can quickly implement many of these features such as distinct, partitioning & regular expressions with less effort.

Please find the library URL.

Let me know your feedback on the same.

N.B.: I’ve tested this library both on Windows 10 & Ubuntu 18. And, the python version that I’ve used are Python3.6 & Python3.7.

Till then!

Happy Avenging!

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