Python Verse – Universe of Avengers in Computer Language World!

The last couple of years, I’ve been working on various technologies. And, one of the interesting languages that I came across is Python. It is extremely flexible for developers to learn & rapidly develop with very few lines of code compared to the other languages. There are major versions of python that I worked with. Among them, python 2.7 & current python 3.7.1 are very popular to developers & my personal favorite.

There are many useful packages that are available to reduce the burden of the developers. Among them, packages like “pandas”, “numpy”, “json”, “AES”, “threading” etc. are extremely useful & one can do lot’s of work with it.

I personally prefer Ubuntu or Mac version of python. However, I’ve worked on Windows version as well or developed python based framework & application, which works in all the major operating systems. If you take care few things from the beginning, then you don’t have to make much more changes of your python application in order to work in all the major operating systems. 🙂

To me, Python Universe is nothing shorter than Marvel’s Universe of Avengers. In order to beat Supreme Villain Thanos (That Challenging & Complex Product with extremely tight timeline), you got to have 6 infinity stones to defeat him.

  1. Space Stone ( Pandas & Numpy )
  2. Reality Stone ( Json, SSL & Encryption/Decryption )
  3. Power Stone ( Multi-Threading/Multi-Processing )
  4. Mind Stone ( OS, Database, Directories & Files )
  5. Soul Stone ( Logging & Exception )
  6. Time Stone ( Cloud Interaction & Framework )

I’ll release a series of python based post in coming days, which might be useful for many peers or information seeker. Hopefully, this installment is a beginning & please follow my post. I hope, very soon you will get many such useful posts.

You get the latest version of Python from the official site given below –

Python Link (3.7.1)

Make sure you must install pip package along with python. I’m not going in details of how one should install python in either of Windows/Mac or Linux.

Just showing you how to install individual python packages.


pip install pandas


sudo python3.7 -m pip install pandas

From the second example, you can see that you can install packages to specific python version in case if you have multiple versions of python.

Note that: There might be slight variation based on different versions of Linux. Make sure you are using the correct syntax as per your flavor.

You can get plenty of good sites, where the detailed step-by-step process shared for each operating system.

Till then – Happy Avenging!

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